Manyatta Compound and Ministry Center 2017-2019

Component I – 2017-2019 – Manyatta Compound & Ministry Center

3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-section 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-back area3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-back area 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-courtyard 3.14.2011_Manyatta Compound-courtyard2

Component 1 includes the construction of several buildings. Housing, medical, security, administration, multipurpose, and early education. Upon completion the Manyatta Compound will have the capacity to house and feed 200 people. The multipurpose buildings will be suitable for conferences, regular worship services and Primary educational offerings. Permanent housing will be provided on site for administrative staff, guests, and faculty. Continue reading “Manyatta Compound and Ministry Center 2017-2019”

 Education Ministry Updates

October 13th 2017

 Grace Christian Academy K-12th – Kapoeta South Sudan

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support this quarter. Grace Christian Academy in Kapoeta, South Sudan is doing well and second term exams start on August 11th, 2017. Both primary and high school soccer teams had a chance to compete and qualify to play in upcoming county tournaments. The enthusiasm and competitive spirit inspires the entire school and community.

GCA High school socoor team 2016

We have an amazing opportunity to keep the school open for all needy students. Please join us in raising $ 24,000 for the year in 2017. The funds will be used to pay for teachers’ salaries, materials and equipment for students, and security to keep the students safe. We cannot do this without your support.
We are looking for partners to stand with us in sharing the love of Christ in South Sudan .We have until December 30th to reach our first goal. Become an Answer to prayer. To make a donation please click donate 
TMVM needs you today. Please make a gift now. On behalf of the Master’s Vineyard Ministry International board of directors, national board of directors, staff and volunteers, we thank you and look forward to our continued journey together in 2018. Sincerely, Susan Nsubuga CEO/CPO Become and answer to prayer for these students High School TeachersHigh School Teachers

April 2017 Circle 5k Run/Walk Fundraiser

Thank you so much for your love, and support for the education ministry. Our first appreciation goes to Kim Bergay and family who spent seven month organizing and marketing the fundraiser, in addition to the above to friends and participants who made  Circle 5K-Run/walk successful. The School Fence contracting is under way and more updates will be shared when work is completed.  Our goal is to have it done By December 2017

Circle Run April 1-2016Circle K run walk team